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Recron 3s

We provide Recron 3s as one of our service which is given by Reliance Industries to limited Clients and we are one of them.


  • Improves homogeneity of the concrete by reducing segregation of aggregates.
  • Reduces shrinkage cracks/micro cracks
  • Increses abrasion resistance by more than 25%.
  • Increses impact and shatter resistance by 100%
  • Increses ductility,compressive,flexural and tensile stregth
  • Reduces water permieablity which helps prevent correction of primary steel
  • Incrses energy absorption capability of concrete
  • Replaces or reduces non structural steel in floors,roads and pavment i.e. slab on grade helps increses joint spacing.

Recron 3s used in Plaster:

  • Internal Plaster
  • External Plaster
  • Gunnite
  • Decorative precast Panel

Advantage of using Recron 3s in Plaster:

  • Reduces rebond loss by 50%-70%
  • Checks dampness
  • Saves repainting cost
  • Improved shatter resistance in walls
  • Checks cracks propogation while cutting groves for conduit laying


  • Cut length: 3mm, 4.8mm, 6mm or 12mm.
  • Shape of Recron 3S: Scientifically designed for improved holding of cement and aggregates.
  • Melting point: >250 degree centigrade. 

Dosage Rates:

  • Concrete: Use 12mm@900 gms/cubic metre
  • Plaster: Use 4.8mm@100gms/cement bag or 6mm@125 gms/cement bag in 1:4 cement/sand ratio
  • Plaster of Paris: Use 3mm@50gms/20kg of POP
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